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    Concept Comparison 代寫 assignment
    Consumers experience a variety of merchandising concepts for various reasons.  Many consumers prefer particular concepts to others, but the vast majority of the spending population will visit a variety of concepts over the course of time.  
    In the fields of merchandising and hospitality management,  代寫 assignment you may have the opportunity to not only enjoy a variety of merchandising formats, but also to directly impact and influence a variety of concepts in the course of your careers.
    The Assignment:  For this assignment, you will need to do some original research.  Make a visit to three of the different merchandising concepts/formats listed below. I know you have been to some (or maybe all) of them before, and drawing on past experience is what we do.  BUT for this assignment you need to experience these with your mindset on Merchandising The Concept to get a fresh perspective.  Making a purchase is not required; your assignment is to experience the space, make observations, and think about how to make the experience better for the target customer. 
    The objective is to experience the place - NOT THE WEBSITE. 代寫 assignment
    You have several weeks to complete this project but do some searching and planning now; some of these events only occur monthly or annually.  Spread your selections over the timeframe allowed so that you do not frantically try to "go, do, and report" at the last minute.
    (If you cannot work in a visit to the different concepts in the timeframe given for this assignment, contact me sooner than later.  An alternative assignment will be developed.)
    CONCEPTS: (Select 3 different)
    ·         Flea Market – A large area, either outdoors or under a roof, in which individuals lease space for the purpose of selling merchandise.  Merchandise is often, but not always, inexpensive or second-hand.  Canton Trade Days is our local monthly flea market (largest in the country); McKinney also has a flea market.  Canton is about 100 miles from Denton and McKinney is about 40 miles from Denton.
    ·         Lifestyle Shopping Center – 150,000 – 500,000 square feet; setting features upscale specialty stores, dining, and entertainment in an outdoor setting (not a mall).  A local example is the Southlake Town Center.
    ·         Theme/ Festival Center – 80,000 – 250,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space that is tourist oriented and centered on a theme.  An example is the Kemah Boardwalk near Houston.
    ·         Resort – a hotel featuring a broad range of amenities, sports facilities, and other leisure attractions designed to create a total vacation experience.  Local examples are the Gaylord Texan or the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine.
    ·         Amusement Park – a commercially operated park with shows, carnival stalls, and rides for amusement.  Examples are Six Flags or Sea World.
    ·         Festival - an organized community celebration of a local element.  An example is the Wine Festival in Grapevine.
    ·         Farmer's Market - often an open-air market where a variety of vendors sell (primarily) produce, similar to a flea market except that the merchandise is more focused.
    ·         Other (check with your instructor before pursuing other ideas!)
    The expectation for this paper is a thorough comparison and contrast of three different formats.  In this paper you should address:
    ·         Experiential Opportunities
    ·         Entertainment Value – or potential
    ·         Target Customer
    ·         Linked Merchandising & Hospitality Strategies
    ·         Suggestions for improvement
    ·         Anything else that ties into course content
    ·         Date you attended and pictures of you at the place.  Once again, the expectation is that you will visit these places this semester and collect observational data in the context of course content.
    This report should be based on original research (your own observations and experiences) which do not have to be cited– you are the author of the paper and the paper is your cite! If you use secondary sources, (talk to other attendees or guests, interview staff, read a relevant article, use a brochure, refer to your text, etc.), cite appropriately within the text AND in a Bibliography (APA style)
    ***HINT:  You don't need to look up information on the Internet for this paper.  Write about what you see and experience.***
    Written Format:  Follow Written Assignment Format. Do not just copy-and-paste from web sites; tends to lower your grade substantially.  Expected length is about 6-10 pages.
    Submission #1:  Attach your Word document in the Assignment tool (should be the next link on the Assignments Page).
    Submission #2:  Upload your document into the Turnitin tool (should be the second link down from this one on the Assignments Page).  For this submission, delete your name from the paper.
    As soon as your written report is received an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you.  If you do not get a confirmation in the timeframe that you think is reasonable, contact your instructor.


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